trusted audit™ provides integrity verification and audit for all Trusted products. It performs mathematical verification, which detects data corruption or manipulation. It is a fully automated high performance system that ensures that all data is verified, in near real time or at the end of business day, so that any discrepancies due to errors or fraud are detected and reported. It can audit over 10,000 random numbers per second. Trusted Audit works independently or it can be integrated with the lottery ICS system.

The patented method allows for auditing the individual random numbers and associated game data. Even though the random numbers are unpredictable, and all outcomes are possible before the generation, once generated it can be proven that specific numbers are the only valid selections. For example, if for lotto 6 of 49 numbers 7, 9, 11, 23, 25, 37 are generated by Trusted Draw, Trusted Audit will mathematically verify the numbers and confirm that the numbers are valid, or it will detect and report a discrepancy.

Along with the random numbers the associated game data is verified by the Trusted Audit system, which for instant win games confirms that a specific prize belongs to a specific player and for draw games verifies that the bets were not changed after the draw.

trusted audit was first deployed in 2005 and has enabled all of our customers to prove the integrity of their draws and bets, including Danske Spil S/A, IGT, Sisal S.p.A., South Carolina Educational Lottery, Iowa Lottery, Ithuba Holdings (South African National Lottery), Comset (Pakistan), Bigaboom (Russia), PlayMonday (UK), Loterie Nationale Luxumbourg. etc.
  1. Independent system that provides integrity verification and audit for Trusted Draw, Trusted Play, Trusted Transaction, and Trusted Ticket.
  2. Recreates all past draws and other RNG events to verify integrity and detect fraud.
  3. Supports all certified games provided by Trusted Draw (raffle, 2nd chance draw, lotto, number games, joker, keno, bingo, cards, dice).
  4. Can be configured to work with offline, isolated, or connected draw/RNG systems in manual, automatic, or hybrid modes.
  5. Easy to use Graphical User Interface to simplify audit functions (admin, auditor, observer).
  6. Ability to accommodate multiple users with different audit functions (admin, auditor, observer).
  7. Scalable system that easily accommodates growth and new requirements
    1. users and administrative functions can be added seamlessly
    2. new games can be added dynamically
    3. system is flexible to migrate from offline or isolated configuration to a connected oneWhen connected to a gaming system Trusted Audit supports verification for Trusted Draw, Trusted Play, or Trusted Transaction. The following features are also available.
  8. Gaming system activity verification: compares data imported from the gaming system with data recreated and verified by Trusted Audit for draws and instant win games.
  9. Supports all games including instant-win games, quick picks, and interactive games.
  10. Verification of individual transactions or transaction sets when used with Trusted Transactions.
  11. Ability to work in multitenant configurations.
  12. Next business day response/support
  13. Automated functionality allows for the performance of day-to-day operations without operator intervention – our LOTO principle (lights out trusted operations)
Trusted Audit recreates the draw based on the irrefutable proof of integrity provided by Trusted Draw or Trusted Play, to offer a completely transparent security solution:
  1. Autonomous Systemic Audit can be used independently by the lottery, a 3rd party, or can be integrated with an ICS system
  2. Systemic audit provides the following functions to ensure RNG transparency: 
    1. Proof of the integrity of the time of generation, numbers generated, associated game data (e.g. data from file), draw hardware
    2. Proof available for each and every draw (current and past)
    3. Proof that can be used in the court of law
    4. 100% fraud detection
  1. Remote GUI – remote secure access to the RNG Engine through the graphical interface, for auditing draws, for viewing drawing and auditing functions, and for administrative functions that can be performed off-site or in any remote location.
  2. Trusted Monitor – remote secure access for monitoring of Trusted Draw, Trusted Play, and Trusted Audit in real time for connected environments
  3. Emergency Support – access to expert emergency support available 24/7.
  4. Integration with ICS for automated comparison of ICS data with draw outcomes and game data, allows to automatically confirm:
    1. specific RNG outcomes were assigned to the correct players
    2. bets were not changed after the draw
    3. the correct draw numbers are being used by the gaming system.

Highlights of Trusted Audit.

Trusted Audit Overview

How can an RNG system be attacked?

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Operation. Auditing and ICS functionally. Trusted Transaction support. Reporting. Detailed data access. Real Time Monitoring. Data export to 3-rd party system. High availability. High performance.

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