Various configurations of Trusted Draw systems are provided to support different lotteries’ needs. Drawings can be held locally, offline, directly on a draw machine, or remotely, with draw manager and auditor in the same or different locations; online drawings can be invoked directly from the gaming system or manually by the draw manager. A single Trusted Draw system can support many different games and draws for multiple jurisdictions, with ease of adding a new game or game change.


Lotteries that currently use Trusted Draw and Trusted Audit to prove the integrity of their draws include:
Iowa Lottery, Ithuba Holdings (South African National Lottery), Loterie Nationale Luxembourg, Sisal S.p.A., etc.
We have integrated Trusted Draw and Trusted Audit with the following gaming providers: IGT, Scientific Games Gmbh, Novomatic (Betware), Gioco Digitale.
    1. Reliable RNG draw system to meet all gaming needs, with 100% availability.
    2. Certified RNG for raffle, 2nd chance draw, lotto, number games, joker, keno, bingo, cards, dice, instant-win games, quick pick, and more.
    3. Easy to use Graphical User Interface makes draws efficient, enhances user experience, and streamlines draw procedures.Works in multiple operating modes including manual, automatic, or hybrid modes and can accommodate draw from input file.
      1. Manual mode, where draws are invoked manually (lotto, numbers games, card and dice games, classic raffle from range). Manual draws can be invoked directly on the draw system or from a remote location. In manual mode draw results can be transferred manually (e.g. via a USB drive) or automatically to a remote location (to a gaming system or to Szrek’s MMS).
      2. Input file method, where draw is performed based on the content of an input file, which includes all draw entries and draw rules. Input file is used for raffles, second chance, or draw simulation for testing and certification. Input file can be used in a manual mode and in an automated mode.
      3. Automated mode, draws are initiated / requested from the gaming system and draw results are returned to the gaming systems (e.g. Lotto, numbers, 5-minute Keno, card, dice, instant win class 2 and class 3 games, etc.)
      4. Hybrid mode – some draws are invoked interactively from the gaming system or management system and some draws are invoked manually (on the same TD360) to support all draw needs on the same draw system.
  1. Automated functionality allows for frequent draw games and to minimize the draw operation functions required.
  2. High performance RNG system supports many concurrent draws (up to 10 manual draws per second; 2000 automated draws per server per second).
  3. Accommodates multiple user roles, credentials (admin, draw, audit, observer, test) and comprehensive administrative functions (user management, maintenance).
  4. Support for test draws and test functions.
  5. Configurable to be an offline system, isolated system, or system connected to the gaming server.
  6. Scalable system that easily accommodates growth:
    1. new games can be added dynamically,
    2. user and administrative functions can be added seamlessly,
    3. system is flexible to migrate from offline or isolated to connected,
    4. system can be upgraded from manual to automated mode.
  7. Supports multitenant configurations in which multiple entities can run different draws simultaneously (separate on the same draw system).
  8. Regular support with expert response by next business day.


      1. All draws performed within the Trusted Computing Environment, with restricted access and strong protective security.
      2. Random numbers generated using NIST-certified tamper-evident hardware – (Hardware Security Module, HSM).
      3. RNG produces irrefutable proof of draw integrity.
      4. The proof of draw integrity is verified by an independent Trusted Audit; this offers a transparent and conclusive security solution.
        1. Systemic Audit provides:
          1. Proof of integrity of the generated numbers, time of generation, associated game data (e.g. for raffle from file), draw hardware.
          2. Proof available for each and every draw (current and past).
          3. Proof that can be used in the court of law.
          4. 100% fraud detection.
        2. Systemic Audit can be used independently by:
          1. the lottery,
          2. by a 3rd party,
          3. or can be integrated with an ICS system.
      1. Animation Manager – automatically renders animations from Trusted Draw and sends broadcast quality video to social media, websites, and/or TV stations.
      2. Remote GUI – remote secure access to the RNG system through the graphical interface, for conducting and viewing draws and audits, and for administrative functions. Adds security feature of draws being conducted without any physical access to the RNG system.
      3. Trusted Monitor – remote secure access for observing progress of Trusted Draw and Trusted Audit in real time, viewing draw reports and logs.
      4. Emergency Support – access to expert emergency support available 24/7.

Operating modes. Automation. Secure Computing Environment. Tamper Proof Draw. Draw Time Protection. Myths around Draw Security. Separation of Duties. Logging. Reports. Supported Games. Certifications. Audit System.

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Operating modes. Automation. Secure Computing Environment. Tamper Proof Draw. Draw Time Protection. Myths around Draw Security. Separation of Duties. Logging. Reports. Supported Games. Certifications. Audit System.

Trusted Draw 2nd Chance, Raffle, and Promotional Draws’ Features. Security. Draws from file. Draw Rules Supported. Mode of Operation.

Trusted Draw 360 Demo. Watch our RNG in action.  Audit demo available also.

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